Time to get excited because the Texas-based company called Solo Stove has innovated the market again with the new Solo Stove Pizza Oven, and it is finally here, better known as the Solo Stove Pi, this pizza oven stands out from the crowd because it is considered a smokeless pizza oven, just like their firepits series.

“Solo Stove customers value experiences and gathering with friends and family, and it’s hard to think of a better meal to create and share than fresh, homemade pizza,”

Solo Stove president Clint Mickle

With this portable pizza oven, you will have no problem making restaurant-style crispy crust pizzas in your backyard while impressing all of your friends.

This Solo Stove Pi review will answer some of the most important questions asked by anyone interested in buying one, and I’ll also talk about the presale prices.

Monday, March 14th, 2022 is the much anticipated Pi Day, this is the launch day of the new smokeless pizza oven on the Solo Stove website.

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Why is the Solo Stove Pi Unique?

The pizza oven was built for people who love to have a pizza night with friends or family, hang out in the backyard, and discover new flavors.

With this pizza oven, you will be able to make wood-fired artesian pizzas that impress all of your friends and family right at home.

This smokeless pizza oven stands out from the crowd and is unique in every way, giving your backyard a modern look this stainless steel pizza oven weighs just over 30 lbs, Its proportions are 15 inches tall by 20.5 inches wide meaning that it can take it on the road with you or just over to friends and make a few PIes.

What are some of the Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven Features

Easy To Use
– Demi-Dome construction levels the playing field for beginners and enthusiasts.
– With a Dual Fuel capability, Pi can give you a wood-fired flavor or the convenience of propane-fueled flames.
– The panoramic opening makes maneuvering, launching pizzas, and fueling your fire as simple as setting the table.
– With Pi’s lifetime warranty, trust Pi’s durable stainless steel features to carry your good moments into lasting memories.

What does the Solo Stove pizza oven burn?

This is a dual-fuel pizza oven, wood-burning, and propane.

How big can the pizzas be in the Solo Stove Pi?

The Solo Stove Pi makes plenty of room for a 12” pizza

How long does it take to cook a pizza in the Solo Stove Pi?

It only takes 3 to 4 mins to cook a pizza in the Pi pizza oven.

Where can you use the Solo Stove Pi?

The Pi pizza oven can be used in any outdoor setting and will improve any space your family likes to spend time together.

You just need to place the solo pizza oven on a sturdy, waist-level surface that can handle minimal heat and you should be good to go.

Here are some surface Ideas so you can get a better idea of where you can use one in your home making it easier to decide if it’s right for you.

  • Granite
  • Brick
  • Masonry
  • Tile
  • and unfinished wood surface is ok too
Solo Stove Pizza Oven frontPin

Well-rounded design

Air is drawn in from the bottom grate and pulled to the back and then up into the oven causing a convection effect that will cook your pizza faster.

Stone-baked pies are the only way to go if you want to cook quickly and crust that’s twice as crisp.

Propane or Wood

With the Solo Stove Pi, you can use the propane-fueled flames by connecting a BBQ tank.

With the Gas Burner’s twist-in assembly and one-click ignition, it is now as simple as 1,2,3 to start your Pi oven and make some pizzas with the family.

You can also cook with wood in the Pi oven for that sot-after wood-fired flavor that we all love.

Solo Stove Pizza Oven backPin

How do you clean the Solo Stove Pi?

Just like an oven in your home, the Pi will get dirty over time with soot, Crumbs, and wood ashes that can accumulate over time, but this is normal if you are enjoying great moments making wood-fired pizza in the solo stove Pi.

What can I use to clean the Solo Stove Pi?

The exterior of Pi can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a microfiber towel. We do not use abrasive cleaning products, that can damage or scratch the Pi pizza oven surface.

The interior of the oven can be cleaned in the same way with warm soapy, just like a normal oven you can run a self-cleaning cycle.

Solo Stove PiPin

Turn up the oven on high heat to burn off crumbs or residue. Once the pizza oven is completely cool, brush away the debris from the surface of the solo stove pizza stone.

Then wipe down soot from any surfaces with a damp cloth.

so as you can see it is simple to maintain clean allowing you more time to make amazing pizzas.

How do you store the Solo Stove Pi?

Pi is the perfect size for storing in the Solo Stove Station (sold separately) among your other favorite Solo Stove things, it even has a spot at the bottom to keep your firewood nice and dry.

Another storage solution that is included in the Pi oven is its cover to keep your oven out of elements like rain and humidity.

What does the Solo Stove pizza oven burn?

This is a dual-fuel pizza oven, wood-burning, and propane.

When you add on the gas accessory it adapts to the gas burner inside, this add-on is available on the Solo stove website.

How big can the pizzas be?

Pi makes plenty of room for a 12” pizza or a few personal-size pizzas that can be cooked in 2 minutes

How many pizzas can it make?

The solo stove Pi needs to be preheated just like any other pizza oven and once heated you can cook a minimum of 3 to 4 pizzas per hour, the Pi oven can run for 3 hours when cooking with wood because of the amount of ash that can accumulate inside.

If you are cooking with propane you can cook as long as you like or as long as you have gas in your tank.

You can always cook more pizzas if you have your dough ingredients ready to go before you start.

What else can you cook in the Solo Stove Pi pizza oven?

You can cook Pizzas, Flatbreads, and anything you want to add a little crispiness.

Try to only cook food that is low fat and low moisture because the Solo Stove pizza stone inside can absorb odors and oils.

Let’s fire up pizza night

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and if you are interested in more Solo Stove products you can check out my firepit review here.

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  1. I noticed on the solo website that they don’t recommend placing anything on top of the solo storage. I purchased the pi pizza oven and was wondering if you have found a stand that can hold the pi pizza oven…. I noticed in another review that there was a stand holding the oven along with two sides that flipped up to hold utensils when cooking wondering if you’ve heard if solo is going to be making us or another brand has something that can accommodate the pi oven

    • Hello Melissa, first thank you for commenting, second I understand what your saying, I read the same question on the solo stove website (Can I store items on top of the Station?) It could be that they need to explain their answer in more detail, because in all of the photos they show wood on the top or bottom and the fire pit top or bottom, the fire pits, and pizza oven are relatively light, and another thing is that they probably don’t want people to cook with it on the station because of the heat, also I wanted to mention is that the station has a spot for utensils on the side and I understand it’s only used for storage.

      If you are still unsure you could send Solo Stove an email asking them to explain.
      Have a wonderful day.

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