So Is the Stoke pizza oven any good? well during this stoke pizza oven review, I will answer 5 questions that will help you decide if this is the pizza oven for you.

Portable pizza ovens are becoming very popular and there are many different models, shapes,s, and sizes out there most people aren’t sure what to buy, especially when some of them can be quite expensive, so when I saw the Stoke oven I thought it was one of the best portable outdoor pizza ovens on the market for any family or pizza addict like myself.

So let’s get started answering those 5 questions and see if this is the oven for you.

What is a Stoke Pizza Oven?

Stoke pizza oven cooking a pizza

In this stoke pizza oven review, we will talk about some of the most frequently asked questions like the size or what accessories come with it, etc.

This oven is a great entry-level pizza oven but at the same time is built very well, it is portable and even has a case so you can take it virtually anywhere and have it set up to cook pizza in minutes.

The oven comes with a pizza stone inside to cook your pizzas fast and even and it also comes with a thermometer so you can check the temp before you start cooking.

Stoke is the best Budget-friendly pizza oven.

Stoke is a great option for any family looking to enjoy regular pizza nights where everyone can participate, but what is really great about it is that it is an affordable option for any family.

The stoke is considered a budget friendly pizza oven with lots of extras and solid build quality.

The Stoke pizza comes in 2 models, wood and gas.

Stoke wood-burning pizza oven price.

The wood-burning oven is 13″ and costs $345.99

Stoke pizza oven wood pellets

As you can see in the pictures it’s a simple task to light the stove with a fire starter and some pellets or regular wood, then all you do is wait for it to heat up and do some pizza prep.

Stoke pizza oven igniting wood pellets

The truth about wood burning is that it can be a bit messy and has a bit more difficult learning curve, but if you are willing to learn you will have loads of fun and your pizzas will always have that amazing wood-fired taste that your friends and family will go nuts for.

Below are wood pellets that are used in smokers by Traeger one of the most respected companies in the market.

Stoke gas pizza oven price

The gas oven comes in 13″ and costs $345.99

and there is also a 16″ gas oven that costs $475.99

With a simple push on the temperature dial, the Stoke ignites without hesitation so you can do what you like most, making incredible pizzas.

Stoke pizza oven ignitor

The Stoke gas stove comes with the gas burner unit and ignitor, that’s the box you see on the back of the stove, the stove also comes with a gas line that is easy to install with a twist.

Stoke pizza oven ignitor

The nice thing about gas is the ease of use and almost no cleanup after cooking 10 pizzas, the only downfall is you won’t get that smokey wood fire taste burning wood gives you.

You can also connect a portable barbeque tank to the stove if you want to take it camping or tailgating.

Stoke pizza oven accessories and addons

Remember all of these come with a pizza peel, pizza cutter, and pizza oven cover unlike other pizza ovens in this category, the stoke pizza oven also comes with a 365-day trial period probably the longest by far, so as you can see for the price it is a complete package for any family.

How big is the Stoke pizza oven?

The pizzas that you make will need to be 1 inch smaller than these dimensions to fit in each oven, si for example if you are cooking in the stoke gas 13 inch your pizza will need to be 12 inches or less to cook properly and to leave space for turning, so as you can see by the size of the stoke is the best portable outdoor pizza oven.

  • Stoke pizza oven 13” GAS: 23 x 19 x 13 inches / 34.7 lbs.
  • Stoke pizza oven 16” GAS: 25 x 21.5 x 13 inches / 46.8 lbs.
  • Stoke pizza oven 13” WOOD: 23.5 x 19.5 x 13 inches / 46.8 lbs.

What comes with the Stoke pizza oven?

The Stoke oven comes with everything you need in the list below so there are no extras you need to buy.

With this pizza oven, you get the whole shebang

  • Pizza peel $60 value
  • Pizza cutter $30 value
  • Carry cover $50 value
  • 365 day trial period
  • $100 off the regular retail price

So as you can see with all of the accessories that you get, this is the best budget pizza oven on the market.

Stoke gas or wood-fired oven?

The gas pizza oven is very easy to use and can be started in minutes, there is minimal mess and all you need is a propane barbeque tank.

In turn, the wood-fired pizza oven has an incredible wood-fired pizza taste, remember the wood-fired oven has a bit more of a learning curve so if you don’t mind taking the time to learn you will enjoy your pizza that much more.

What are people saying about the Stoke pizza oven?

People rave about these pizza ovens check out some of the testimonials courtesy of

Amazing product – simple assembly, high quality operation and results.


As an ametuer pizzaiolo I couldn’t have been happier to see my stoke pizza oven arrive. The shipping was fast and on time. The unboxing and set up was seamless.


I love my stoke oven! Shipped quickly and assembly was super easy. High quality and durable.


Final thoughts on the Stoke pizza oven.

This is an amazing portable and budget-friendly pizza oven, from its great build quality to the great accessories that are included with no extra charge, so if what you are looking for is endless family fun on pizza night this oven is a perfect option.

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Thank you for reading my Stoke pizza oven review, and please share this post and comment if you like it.

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