When looking for the best budget friendly firepits on the market you need to first look at a few things like the size of the firepit, the durability, aesthetics, weight, and of course the price.

The truth is about firepits that most people have never had the chance two enjoy their own at their own house, usually, we go to a friend’s place and they have one and we see how fun it is and how relaxing it is to have a fire pit and we end up waiting for the chance to head over to our friends again to use theirs.

Sometimes we don’t own our own because of space or we don’t have a proper patio, but the truth is almost anyone can own a metal fire pit and today I want to show you the best budget friendly firepits that will make you wonder why you didn’t buy one sooner.

How much does a budget fire pit cost?

The price of a budget-friendly fire pit is between $199 to $350, this depends on the materials used and size.

Can I cook in a fire pit?

You can cook on a fire pit, some of the firepits in this review have accessories made specifically for cooking.


This is an amazing lineup of the biggest bang for your-buck firepits, that are about quality, design, style, and of course price, the four firepits that we will review today are the Solo stove Bonfire, the Cross-weave Firepit with Spark Screen from (Sunny Daze Decor), the Cauldron Firepit and the versatile Northland Grilling Firepit.

so grab your coffee and let’s get started and see if I can be of some help in your buying process.

Solo Stove Stainless steel Bonfire firepitPin

Solo Stove Bonfire firepit

Solo Stove’s signature 360° Airflow Design does something you’ve never seen before in a fire pit.

The Solo Stove Bonfire creates a super-efficient burn that’s not only incredible to watch but a joy to sit around and create memories

The Bonfire is their best-selling smokeless portable fire pit and has over 8000, 5-star reviews on the Solo Stove’s website.

Crossweave Firepit with spark screenPin

Cross-weave Firepit with Spark Screen

Built from durable steel with a black high-temperature paint finish, you can expect years of high-quality performance from this wood-burning cross-weave fire pit.

The dome spark screen will keep you safe from any flying embers, and the weather-resistant cover will keep your fire pit protected.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a nice evening by the fire or host a backyard bonfire, the cross-weave fire pit will keep the party going all night long.

Cauldron Firepit with spark screenPin

Cauldron Firepit with Spark Screen

Invite your family and friends around this large fire pit and create cozy memories with this unique cauldron design.

Made with durable steel and finished with black and bronze high-temperature paint, you can expect years of quality and performance. The dome spark screen will keep you and your family safe from flying embers.

Whether you are hosting a large backyard gathering or enjoying a relaxing evening, this cauldron-style outdoor fire pit will satisfy your needs.

Northland cooking Firepit with grill and spark screenPin

Northland Grilling Firepit

Your cookout game just got better with the Northland Grill Cooking Fire Pit.

This includes a cooking grate that allows you to experience the delicious taste of grilling over a wood-burning fire.

Built from durable steel and finished with black high-temperature paint, you can expect years of performance. The spark screen will keep you protected from embers and the wood grate improves airflow.

Why should you buy a budget-friendly firepit?

Why should you buy a firepit? Well, just think of all that enjoyment you are missing out on with your family, those roasted marshmallows, or glasses of wine while you relax in your backyard with your feet up.

Another great thing about buying a fire pit is that they bring together your patio furniture in a perfect way.

With the fire pits that I am going to show you, you will do little to no work to set them up, you won’t need to dig any holes in your yard and you won’t break the bank on any of these budget fire pits.

so continue reading and if you see a metal firepit you like just click on one of the pictures or links to see more.

let’s get started by talking about what you need to look for to find the best budget-friendly firepits in 2021

What to look for in a budget firepit?

When looking for a fire pit there are a few things to take into account like the size of the firepit, the durability, what kind of metal is it made of, the aesthetics, and the weight, so let’s look at these factors that will help you decide whats the best budget-friendly firepit out there for you and your family.

Firepit size

To be honest, most budget fire pits are not huge but are in a good average size range, and they definitely do the trick, most average 40 inches wide at most but this is a bonus in most cases because they can be placed in almost any setting for enjoyment.

Also, 40 inches is a perfect size because most firewood is cut to 16 inches so it will fit no problem

So each of the firepits, we review is very different in style but very close to the same size.

Firepit durability

Firepit durability is also important because you want it to last as long as possible and continue to look good year in and year out.

No one wants their firepit to discolor, rust, or burn through the metal, so the firepits that we will review today meet all of the durability criteria and some also exceed the possibility of any of these things happening for many years.

We will also talk about whether these firepits come with a cover to protect them when they are not in use, a cover is one of the most important factors in if your firepit lasts forever or only a few seasons.

Firepit aesthetics

Firepit aesthetics are very important because it is almost like a fireplace in your home in the sense that it is a focal point for entertaining and enjoyment with your friends and family, the only difference is that it is used in your backyard, so it should still look great.

So yes looks do matter even if you buy a budget firepit, and so you want to buy one that goes with the style of your home or cottage patio furniture.

Firepit weight

Firepit weight is important to take into consideration because you may need to store it during winter or in some cases, you may even want to take it camping or to a friend’s place for a bonfire, and if it is overweight you definitely are going to struggle to set it up or even put it in the car.

So I will also mention the weight and dimensions of each firepit in this review


So the four firepits that are reviewed in this post are definitely for anyone on a budget because they range from $150 to $250, if you are interested in the price of any of them you can touch the Check Price button to see more information, these firepits come on sale regularly on their websites.

At the end of the review I will give you my personal opinion on which one I think are the best budget-friendly firepits in 2022, so read to the end to find out who wins.

Also if you use the referral link I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you

You can check out how to store and season firewood for use in your firepit keeping ready for every use: HOW TO SEASON FIREWOOD 7 IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW

The Solo Stove’s Bonfire smokeless fire pit

What people like about the Solo Stove’s Bonfire smokeless fire pit
  1. People rave about the low smoke solo stove, and they all agree that it really works
  2. The solo stove’s stainless steel design makes it stand out from the rest
  3. Its compact and lightweight size are what people are talking about and a large number of accessories solo stove offers.
Solo Stove Bonfire SpecksPin
Solo Stove Bonfire top features
  • Smokeless fire pit technology
  • 20 lbs weight
  • large 16-inch log size
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Bonfire comes with a black, nylon carrying case

Solo Stove bonfire buyer reviews

Jill said: We love our new bonfire fire pit. My only regret is not getting it sooner.


Daniel said: It is awesome and really smokeless just like it says.


Elaine said: Fire starts easily and burns with little smoke. Great for family time and entertaining.


Sunnydaze, Black Crossweave Fire Pit with Spark Screen

What people like about the Crossweave Fire Pit
  1. The large 34-inch size of this Firepit is what most people like.
  2. People are very pleased with the sturdiness and aesthetic appearance
  3. The included spark arrester stops any sparks from leaving the fire pit and is great protection for anyone nearby
Sunnydaze 36" Black Crossweave Wood-Burning Fire Pit with Spark Screen, Grate, Cover, & Poker ToolPin
Firepit specksPin
Crossweave Fire Pit top features
  • Large wood-burning fire pit with a cross-weave design
  • Steel construction with black high-temperature paint finish
  • The spark screen contains stray ash and embers
  • Poker to safely handle fire pit and logs
  • Wood grate for better airflow
  • Quick and easy assembly
YouTube video

Crossweave Fire Pit buyer reviews

Mark said: Nice fire pit. Good value for the money. Simple assembly.


Karen said: Very good product. Sturdy and safe. Good air flow


Juan said: I absolutely love this thing. I would recommend it.


Sunnydaze Large Cauldron Fire Pit with Spark Screen

What people like about the Cauldron Fire Pit
  1. People Really like the style of this fire pit
  2. It is also very sturdy and easy to put together
  3. The bowl is very large at 34 inches but also comes in a 24-inch version if your looking for something a bit smaller
Large Cauldron Outdoor Fire Pit with Spark ScreenPin
fire pit specks Pin
Large Cauldron Fire Pit top features
  • The outdoor fire pit features a unique cauldron design
  • Steel construction with high-temperature paint finish
  • The spark screen contains stray ash and embers
  • Poker to safely handle fire pits and logs
  • Quick and easy assembly

Large Cauldron Fire Pit buyer reviews

Dawn said: This thing is awesome it is gorgeous and super easy to set up and use. I really have enjoyed having this as an addition to my backyard. It is fantastic.


Andreienne said: This is the best fire pit we have ever had. It’s solid and pretty sturdy. I don’t get the feeling it would tip over easily. It was easy to assemble, lightweight, and the wood burns nice and even. My kids enjoyed making s’mores.


Northland Grilling Fire Pit with Protective Cover

What people like about the Northland Grilling Fire Pit
  1. The cooking grate allows you to experience the delicious taste of grilling over a wood-burning flame
  2. People really like the build quality and versatility of enjoying a fire and cooking
  3. People also like the economical price being one of the cheapest on our list.
Sunnydaze 36" Northland Grill Cooking Fire Pit with Protective CoverPin
Cooking fire pit specksPin
Northland Grilling Firepits top Features
  • Large rectangular cooking fire pit
  • Steel construction with black high-temperature paint finish
  • The cooking grate allows for over-the-fire cooking
  • The spark screen contains stray ash and embers

Northland Grilling Fire Pit buyer reviews

Jisoo said: Great quality! It is a great fire pit for up to 6 people!


Anne said:We have enjoyed this very much. The video was helpful in putting it together.



Well I know everyone is different and their needs are also different depending on the size of the yard, the color of their patio furniture, etc, but for me weighing out the versatility was important, so my winner for the best budget-friendly firepits in 2022 is the solo stove, bonfire.

Why the Solo Stove Bonfire is the best budget firepit in 2022

Let me get one thing clear before I tell you why I like the Solo Stove Bonfire. all of the other backyard firepits are great and each one has its own features that are different from the others.

But I really think that the Solo Stove Bonfire is the best fire pit for the backyard and I say this because I love that is it a smokeless firepit or at least it’s a low smoke firepit, this being very important when entertaining because no one likes to breathe smoke all night and if you live close to neighbors they probably won’t even know you are using your firepit.

If you would like to see more about the solo stove bonfire check out my Solo Stove firepit review

Another thing I really like about it is the stainless steel build quality and styling that makes it stand out from the rest, it’s the type of firepit that your friends will keep asking you where you got it and wanting to know how it works.

And lastly, the solo stove bonfire has so many accessories that you can buy and keep upgrading, like a cooking grill that transforms it into a cooking fire pit, a protective stainless steel firepit lid, an easy handle for transporting it with ease, and if the solo stove bonfire is too big for you he has a little brother the Ranger model and a big brother the Yukon so what every your need you are covered and that is why I think the winner is the Solo Stove Bonfire.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review and if you are interested in any of these firepits just click on the links to check out the latest prices.


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