The Solo Stove smokeless fire pit is unique because of its stainless steel smoke-free burning design, the solo stove comes in 4 models starting with the Solo Stove Ranger, Bonfire, Yukon, and Canyon in this unique fire pit lineup.

Have you ever been to your friends having a bonfire and instead of enjoying the fire you get covered in smoke and can’t enjoy the fire because your eyes are burning and you’re coughing all night, what a drag, the solo stove smokeless fire pit changes all that, its nothing in comparison to your traditional fire pit

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The Solo Stove is portable so it can be taken almost anywhere, like the beach, park, or even camping

If you’re here reading this post you probably are thinking of buying a solo stove smokeless fire pit or are interested in whether they work because you have heard other people talking about them or seen them advertised and now is the perfect time to get your hands on one and start enjoying fires without smoke.

YouTube video
This video gives you an idea of what Solo Stove as a company is about and also explains how their smokeless fire pit technology

There are three solo stove firepits in the lineup, the smallest being the Solo Stove Ranger, the medium-sized being the Solo stove Bonfire, and lastly the largest or the big brother of the bunch the Solo stove Yukon.

The four solo stoves in the lineup are all built around the same patented technology that allows you to have a low-smoke firepit or almost smokeless firepit experience. So continue reading to see why the solo stove smokeless fire pit is so unique and is a game-changer.

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There are 5 reasons for being a solo stove that make it stand out from other firepits and make it unique.

1. Advertised as a smokeless fire pit

Solo Stove is built with a unique design that maximizes airflow through its inner walls making the burning process more complete and with little or no smoke.

According to the instructions if you keep the stack of wood inside the fire pit below the upper air vents you should have a very clean burn that is smokeless or low smoke.

Now, remember for you to have a smoke-free burn you need to first burn a fire with enough wood, and second, make sure your wood is dry and seasoned for burning.

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2. Clean and safe for camping

The first reason is if you like camping you will know that most campsites are well used and the pre-existing firepits are used almost every night, and the problem is that some people throw anything into those firepits, garbage, etc., so they can be a breathing hazard, and really when you think about it it is disgusting.

The second reason is that the solo stove smokeless fire pit leaves no trace behind after a fire when camping, maybe just a few ounces of ashes that you can scatter anywhere without anyone ever knowing you were there.

The solo stove is also very efficient, when burning 20 lbs of firewood you are only left with around 5 ounces of wood ashes, so that’s great for the environment and your wallet.

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3. Modern design

Solo Stove is an innovative company and their firepits are built with quality lightweight material, with weights ranging from 15 to 38 lbs., and are constructed from 304 high-grade stainless steel, the Solo stove firepits resonate with quality and have a nice strong and modern design that fits into any backyard.

4. A large array of Solo Stove Accessories

Part of what is so great about the Solo Stove firepits is that there are so many Solo Stove accessories you can buy to make your experience even more enjoyable, you will not find any other firepit on the market that has so many great addons and the best part is that they are constantly creating new upgrades, so let’s go ahead and take a look at some of them

Solo Stove Heat DeflectorPin

Solo Stove Heat Deflector

The best way to stay warm with your Solo Stove is with the new long-anticipated Solo Stove heat deflector.

It comes in two pieces of 304 stainless steel and allows heat to travel out toward your seating area, dramatically improving your comfort.

The solo stove heat deflector is especially great for those cold nights of winter fires with friends and family.

You can see all of the Solo Stove accessories on their website

5. Can you cook on a Solo Stove fire pit?

People always ask if can you cook on a solo stove fire pit, and the answer is yes with their new cast iron grill kit for cooking right on top of your solo stove, now you can grill steaks, burgers, vegetables, or whatever you want on the solo stove.

Can you cook on a Solo Stove fire pit?…the answer is yes, a very loud YES!

Jonathan A.

The cast iron grill kit is designed to fit all three firepits and is an amazing addon that allows you to make your firepit into a cooking surface that everyone can get close to.

If you need some cooking inspiration take a look at these 40 BACKYARD FIRE PIT RECIPES

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What’s Included

  • Cast Iron Grill — For the perfect sear
  • Bonfire Hub — Elevates your cooking surface

Invite everyone around the fire with 360° access to cooking. on a cast Iron Grill, this grill is built for easy hassle-free assembly. The grill sits inside the solo stove firepits and is portable.

The grill is made with our signature 304 stainless steel just like the firepit and is made as a seamless piece for ultimate durability. With its brushed finish to match your firepit for effortless balance and stability.

Solo Stove Pros and Cons


  1. You can have a fire almost anywhere without damaging the ground like your lawn for example.
  2. It burns very hotly because of the holes at the bottom allowing more oxygen to enter causing double combustion, and because of this innovative design, it leaves behind very little ash, which promotes smoke reduction.
  3. They are light but not so light that they can get damaged or dented easily
  4. The Solo Stove firepit is easy to light because it has holes at the bottom that increase the airflow allowing kindling to start up fast with no hassle.
  5. The best part is that your clothes won’t smell like smoke after a fire and you won’t be moving your chair around the firepit every time smoke comes your way.
  6. There are three sizes to the solo stove making it perfect for campers or backyard enthusiasts alike, The smallest is the Solo Stove Ranger which is great to take on a camping trip or to the beach because of its compact size, the midsize is the Solo Stove Bonfire and the largest of the three is the Solo Stove Yukon both are great for a backyard or patio setting.


  1. The shiny stainless steel finish can change to a discolored or rainbowlike finish called patina, but don’t let that bother you anything stainless steel discolors with overheating, this is a normal process, and this doesn’t happen to everyone when they buy a Solo Stove but is normal if it does.
  2. To clean out the Solo Stove you need to tip it over and clean out any leftover ash, and to do that you will need to wait for it to cool down
Solo Stove Pizza Oven frontPin

The New Solo Stove Pi

This is the new Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven.

The first smokeless pizza oven uses the same smokeless technology as the firepit line, now you can enjoy pizza any time you like with your friends and family.

Take a closer look by clicking below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Solo Stove Bonfire smokeless?

Yes, the Solo Stove Bonfire is designed to be smokeless. It uses a unique double-wall design that allows for efficient combustion of wood, resulting in minimal smoke.

Are Solo Stoves worth it?

It depends on your individual needs and preferences. Solo Stoves are generally more expensive than traditional fire pits, but they offer several benefits such as being smokeless, portable, and easy to use. If these features are important to you, then a Solo Stove may be worth the investment.

How can a Solo Stove fire pit be smokeless?

The Solo Stove achieves a smokeless burn by using a double-wall design that allows for efficient combustion of wood. The air intake holes at the bottom of the stove allow for a constant flow of oxygen to the fire, while the double-wall design channels the heat and smoke up through the top vents, resulting in a smokeless burn.

Will a Solo Stove work inside a fire pit?

Yes, a Solo Stove can be used inside a fire pit. However, it is important to ensure that the fire pit is large enough to accommodate the Solo Stove and that there is adequate ventilation to allow for proper airflow.

What are the best Solo Stove accessories?

Some popular Solo Stove accessories include the Solo Stove Ranger Stand, the Solo Stove Tripod, and the Solo Stove Shield. These accessories can help to improve the functionality and portability of your Solo Stove.

How does the Solo Stove Grill compare to other grills?

The Solo Stove Grill offers a unique cooking experience, as it uses wood as its primary fuel source. This can result in a more flavorful and authentic cooking experience. However, it may not be as convenient or practical as other types of grills, such as gas or charcoal grills.

Final thoughts on the Solo Stove Smokeless Firepit

My final thoughts on the Solo Stove smokeless fire pit is that they are all worth the value for the money, although they are not the cheapest option the build quality and sleek but rouged stainless steel design show that it is a fire pit that you can have for a lifetime, about that it comes with a lifetime guarantee and there are more details on the Solo Stove website.

The fire pit’s amazing features guarantee a warm environment while camping or hanging out with friends in the backyard, also has a lot of add-ons that you can buy on the solo stove website that no other fire pit can even come close to making it unique and upgradable to your needs.

Some things that I like are, the portability making it easy to take anywhere, I like how easy it is to start because let’s face it no one wants to be messing with starting a fire, and it works well in places where you want to be careful with fire, for example, a campsite that prohibits open fire pits due to forest fire protection.

And lastly and most importantly you will have the coolest firepit in your neighborhood hands down if you decide you buy one of these your neighbors will want one too.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review on the Solo Stove smoke-free fire pit I hope it helps you decide on buying one and start enjoying your backyard and camping trips.

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